Beyond Communications

T2 Communications is the future of communications. Our service offering spans the full range of wholesale carrier services. Our vast industry experience can help you fill the gaps in your communication needs you may not even be aware of.

We are the Carrier

Many of our competitors are only resellers of carrier services. At T2 Communications we are the real telephone company, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). That gives us the right to access and provide our own networks and telecom infrastructure for the services we provide. Be sure to ask your potential vendor if they are a CLEC when you are considering such critical services for your company's telecom services including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Small To Medium Business Features

  • Unlimited Auto Attendant
    Create as many virtual receptionists as you need.
  • Unified Messaging
    Listen to your voicemail in real-time anywhere from the web, or forward each voicemail as they are left to any email address.
  • Find Me / Follow Me
    Be found when and where you want to be. Our system has the ability to literally search multiple locations, devices and external phone numbers, so you never miss that important call.
  • Click-To-Call
    Simply right click on the person’s name in your PBX list and choose from the menu.
  • Hunt Groups
    Simultaneous ring, sequential rings to one or more extensions and/or virtual extensions on a first-answer-gets-the-call basis.
  • Call Transfer
    Transfer calls between extensions, offices, or even to external numbers like mobile phones or other branch offices.
  • Conferencing
    Conference one on one, two on one.
  • Outbound Caller ID
    Set your caller id on a per extension basis.
  • Time of Day Routing
    Setup time of day and even day of week routing to play special recordings, messages.
  • Fax
    Inbound/Outbound electronic fax integration. View and print your faxes directly from the web.
  • Virtual Extensions
    Virtual extensions allow your cell phone to appear as if it were an extension.
  • Caller ID Routing
    Calls can be routed to individual phones.
  • Detailed Call Reporting
    All of your inbound and outbound calls are recorded in filterable displays and beautiful graphical call chart images

Don't be late to the party, your competitors are already waiting!

The mass migration of small- to medium-sized businesses to VoIP is on. Our services are completely automated, so you don't have to worry about a complicated setup. There is never a lengthy contract at T2 Communications and our pricing can't be beat.